my progress.

Or lack thereof. I was just going through my archive and came across this post. I couldn’t find any stats posted since October 2010, but I had them saved on my computer for January 2012. Obviously I’ve gained some weight and that’s probably why I wasn’t posting it on here!

Between October 2010 and January 2012, hmmm… what happened? Well, I moved home. That right there is an instant five pounds, if you ask me. But I spent that first winter training for a marathon which I ran in May 2011. So while I may have gained a little weight from living at home with my family, I was running a lot more and kept it in check. Hah, and then after the marathon? Well I started working ungodly hours for the duration of the summer, stopped posting in here, stopped running at all, and stopped holding myself accountable. Then I moved to a new city, spent six months without a job, became severely depressed, suffered a knee “injury” and spent the winter cooped up in my basement apartment without a gym membership. So there’s that.

I’m about three and half weeks into training for another marathon, and I weighed/measured myself at Week One. Next weigh-in comes at Week Nine and then again in the final week.

I’m putting this out there for the world to see. My goal is to get my body fat percentage back down to… 20%. Losing five percent body fat is a lofty goal to set, but I do believe it’s possible. That being said, let’s do this! I’m ready!


September 2009:

  • 5’4
  • 130 lbs.
  • 28% body fat

April 2010:

  • 5’4
  • 123 lbs.
  • 24% body fat

October 2010:

  • 5’4
  • 119 lbs
  • 20% body fat

January 2012:

  • 5’4
  • 124 lbs
  • 25% body fat

June 2012:

  • 5’4
  • 125 lbs
  • 25% body fat